Meet Our Lead Sculptors

The Sand Sculpture Company artisans are pioneers in the sand sculpting profession.  From the introduction of sand sculpting as a profession, our sculptors were among the first that transformed the artform to the public and organizations for marketing and advertising use.  Our lead sculptors are experts in the field with the technical knowledge necessary to construct sculptures, theme parks and global attractions.  The Sand Sculpture Company is a group of world renown artists - some of the best sand sculptors in the world with varying backgrounds and trained skill sets.  While we are lead by a core, we are a team of many from countries around the globe.   

Ted Siebert

Ted Siebert - Owner and Master Sculptor
Author - The Art of Sandcastling and Sandcastle in a Box
Titles - World, North American, U.S. and Canadian National Champion

An artist by background and training, Ted discovered that sand sculpting is the ideal combination of art and sport. As co-captain of the competitive team Totally in Sand, he has helped set eight-world records, duly noted by Guinness World Records. He is a World Champion, North American Champion, Canadian Champion, and holds titles as U.S. National and Canadian National Champion.

Ted is the author of the acclaimed The Art of Sandcastling and the Sandcastle in a Box. He has been recognized in the book, The Sculpture Reference, as one of 288 leading contemporary living sculptors. Ted has also taught sculpture at Savannah College of Art and Design. Along with sand, Ted sculpts in wood, clay, and is a fine art oil painter.

A graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Creative Writing, Ted has published several titles as an illustrator. A native of the Northwest Pacific, Ted now resides in the Chicago, IL area with his wife Laura their family - Danielle, Nicolas, and Augustus, Anthony and Josie.

Damon Langolis

Damon Langolis

Damon Langlois - Master Sculptor
Titles - World and Canadian Champion

As an Industrial Engineer, Damon uses his technical and artistic skills on the sand pile.  As world record holder, a solo and four-time World Champion and twelve-time Canadian Champion with his competition team, Damon feels sand sculpting is the most amazing and intense medium where he can apply performance, engineering, and artist expression.  

A graduate of Carleton University,  Damon owns and operates Codetta an industrial engineering company based in Victoria, British Columbia. Along with seven patents, Codetta received the 2011 Spark Pro Silver Award, a Best Products of 2002 by Business Week and USA today; and a Red Dot Design honorable mention. 

Damon and his wife Charlotte, also a sand sculptor, live in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada where they are raising their sons Roan and Ziggy. 

Fred Dobbs

Fred Dobbs

Fred Dobbs - Master Sculptor
Titles - Canadian, U.S., World Champion

Fred's first exposure to sand sculpting at the age of 5 on an Ireland Beach with his father. 

After moving to Canada, Fred discover sand sculpting again in the mid 1980's and began the competitive circuit successfully winning in Canadian, U.S., and World Championships. By the early 1990's, Fred began sculpting professionally. Fred was part of the 2015 and 1993 Guinness World Record team. 

Fred balances his sculpting career between sand sculpting and other fine art mediums including bronze, wood and metal sculptures concentrating on public and private art, architectural displays and furniture.  

Fred resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with his son Shay.